The Future of Strategy Implementation Conference

Learn and interact with world experts and contribute to the strategy implementation white paper

8th to 10th February 2021


The Strategy Implementation Institute is pleased to announce its first virtual and interactive conference.

With the life cycle of strategies shortening and pressure on leaders increasing to create new revenue and value streams, it is critical to ensure your strategy is implemented successfully.

This conference will ignite new ideas and provide new approaches to support you and your organization in your implementation journey.

During the conference, you will learn the latest thinking on:

  • Why strategy implementation is now its own distinct field rather than a subset of strategy
  • The challenges and opportunities of implementing digitalization
  • The evolving future of the project management profession
  • How you can develop into a strategy implementation professional
  • Best practices from around the world

Join us for 2 hours each day on February 8th, 9th and 10th. You’ll hear from thought leaders in the field of strategy implementation, identify what implementation success will look like tomorrow and be a co-creator of a white paper on the future of strategy implementation.

Conference Format

Staying true to the principles of the Strategy Implementation Institute, we don’t just want to talk theory but also put it into action. Therefore, this virtual conference will not just address the future of strategy implementation but will also produce an expert community white paper as a deliverable.

The Future of Strategy Implementation conference includes:

The conference features three days with 2-hour Zoom session each day. Each session will be opened by a world-recognized thought leader, executive or senior practitioner. It will be followed by Q&A that leads into breakout discussions and group sharing.

Conference Speakers

We are delighted our board advisors Professor Rita McGrath (Columbia University)  and Professor Tony O’Driscoll (Duke University) have confirmed to speak. Other speakers will be announced shortly.

Professor Rita McGrath

Columbia University

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Professor Tony O’Driscoll

Duke University

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Marvin Tan

Senior VP, Singapore Airlines

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Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

Co-founder, Strategy Implementation Institute

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Robin Speculand

Co-founder, Strategy Implementation Institute

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Richard Pharro

Founder & CEO, APMG International

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Ricky Nowak

Conference emcee

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Conference Agenda

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Timing and Dates

1.00pm to 3.00pm Central European time on 8th, 9th and 10th February

Conference Fees

We are pleased to offer Institute members complimentary access to the conference.

Strategy Implementation Institute Members

Non Members

Complimentary $139 Singapore Dollar (US$99) – Includes an electronic copy of the body of knowledge (S$265) and the opportunity to be a recognized contributor to the expert community white paper on the future of strategy implementation



“Senior executives are paid for making the tough choices.”

– Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez & Robin Speculand