Our purpose is to develop
implementation professionals.

Strategy Implementation

Implementing strategy is a rare and highly appreciated skillset that sets apart the most successful and influential leaders in business.

People with the skill to implement strategy are in high demand from organizations all around the world.

The challenge is that the current generation of leaders have been taught how to plan but not how to implement. This is reflected in the high strategy implementation failure rate.

This high failure rate drives the need for leaders to enhance their abilities and become recognized implementation professionals.

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The Strategy Implementation Institute is working in association with APMG International, one of the largest professional accreditation organizations, to increase competencies and recognition of implementation professionals. We have jointly developed the Strategy Implementation Professional – SIP – certification, the first global credential of it’s kind.






How The Strategy Implementation Institute Works

Create an implementation community

Where people can connect, discuss and learn about strategy implementation.

Continually build a body of knowledge

Establish an effective strategy implementation framework built and enriched by experts from the field.

Share knowledge

Constantly improve the body of knowledge with support of global participants.

Recognize leaders

Identify leaders around the world who demonstrate exemplary practices in strategy implementation.

Award Professional and Fellowship

To leaders who pass the accreditation and become a member of an exclusive group of highly sought-after implementation professionals.

Volunteers Participation

Creates volunteering opportunities for strategy practitioners who want to contribute to the global continuous improvement of implementation.

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“I have been looking, for some time, for a course to upgrade my strategy execution skills but everything I came across was too theoretical, too academic. The search though was over the minute I came across the course offered by the Strategy Implementation Institute. It had everything I was looking for – clear structure, relevant and practical content, connection to a community of professionals. Antonio and Robin have created a great course, a must for every strategy implementation professional and every organisation nowadays.”

Olga Valadon, Strategy Implementation Business Partner, Deloitte

“You can outsource the crafting of the strategy but not its implementation.”

– Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez & Robin Speculand