Our Partners

As part of building the implementation community, we have the pleasure of partnering with other organizations.


APMG International – Our Accreditation Partner

The most reputable global accreditation and examination institute. APMG accredits organizations to deliver training courses and consultancy services for a broad range of professional certification schemes. APMG’s certification schemes, exam and accreditation services support our goal of enabling organizations and professionals to maximize their effectiveness through the use of the latest methodologies and core competencies.  Successful candidates can also share their success with a digital badge – a dynamic representation of their certification for use on social media and online communications.

AdvisorsConsulting And Training

A leading consulting and training organization in the Middle East, passionate about capacity building for a purpose. They highly value Integrity, Excellence, and Innovation. They also highly value your needs and want to give you the knowledge that will allow you to lead your own advance and continue growing knowledge within. They research, practice, and make partnerships to help you prepare for a strong future: Their services are offered by a network of International Experts in Innovation, Research, Project Management, and Business Development.


DecideAct – Strategy Execution Management (SEM) Software

DECIDEACT is a digital platform for strategy implementation, follow up and governance. Decide act is to strategy what the accounting system is to financials. The tool creates accountability and transparency within the organization and makes the implementation of business strategy as tangible, transparent and as quantifiable as financial performance. DecideAct provides a clear overview through an easy to understand dashboard and turns decisions into real actions through automated follow-ups. The cloud-based platform builds an infrastructure for the entire strategic hierarchy and supports management with an instant overview of progress and helps and motivates team members to ensure their initiatives are executed timely and on budget.

Learning-Tree-Logo-horizontal Logo

Learning Tree International – Training and Advisory

We believe in the power of developing others and organisations through change, transition, digitalization, and technology projects, by ensuring they have a skilled workforce to meet their business goals. It’s why more than 65,000 organisations around the world have trusted Learning Tree to develop critical knowledge, skills, and abilities in over 2.5 million of their staff. With our global footprint and comprehensive curriculum we are proud to be partnering with the Strategy Implementation Institute to offer a blended solution which includes the SIBoK, on-demand modules, exam and a 2-day live workshop to discuss Strategy Implementation with peers, explore how the concepts relate to your reality and how you will apply the concepts to increase impact within your organization be of value.

OKA Project Management & Strategic Leadership

OKA Project Management & Strategic Leadership is a company dedicated to consulting, implementation, and training on PMO, projects, programs, and portfolio management and to provide strategic leadership, organizational resilience (continuity of operations/business continuity/disaster recovery/incident management/crisis communication & management) to several municipalities, government agencies, NGOs, Credit Unions, and other private organizations in Puerto Rico, LATAM and USA.

We are an amalgamation of top education, experience, talent, skill, creativity, & innovation. Since year 2000, our lead professionals have acquired vast experience leading project management and business continuity management teams from mid to high level complexity projects and programs.


Toraza – Training And Advisory

Toraza is a Canada based professional training and advisory firm offering specialized P3 training, certification, and pragmatic solutions in the P3 infrastructure sector. As the premier P3 resource in the country, Toraza is the only Canadian company accredited to deliver the “Certified PPP Professional (CP3P®)” program, an initiative led by the World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks. They help their clients achieve success through skills-based education and P3 advisory solutions. By drawing on the experiences and knowledge of their team, comprised of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the global infrastructure sector, they develop tailor-made programs that meet the individual needs of their clients. Toraza identifies industry-specific trends and uses these insights to inform strategies for their clients’ long-term success.

“Leaders have been taught how to plan but not how to implement.
This has created a strategy implementation skills gap.”

– Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez & Robin Speculand