Live Training

The Institute offers in-person training or live virtual training in strategy implementation.

To meet the demand from its clients, the Institute has developed a training course that prepares participants to be certified as a Strategy Implementation Professional (SIP) and/or understand how to implement strategy.

The course features “live” facilitated sessions that guide leaders through the implementation challenge and teach the required mindset and skillset for success. 

Many leaders underestimate the implementation challenge or do not have the skills to guide their organization through the process. That’s why this course is focused on providing them with the skills, tools and techniques they need for success. It also offers the option of preparing participants for the Strategy Implementation Professional online certification, managed by the Institute’s business partner APMG.

The training course:

  • Is based on the Strategy Implementation Road map (SIR).
  • Explains the seven areas in the outer circle (see diagram).
  • Includes up-to-date examples such as implementing strategy through the pandemic.
  • Is offered either in person or virtually.
  • Is facilitated either by Antonio Nieto Rodriguez or Robin Speculand (co-founders of the Institute).

Woven throughout the course are:

  • Examples and stories from both successful and failed implementations.
  • Practical and easy-to-adopt techniques.
  • Best practices from leading organizations around the world.

“Implementing strategy is a rare and highly appreciated skillset that sets apart the most successful and influential leaders in business.”

– Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez & Robin Speculand