About the Institute

The Strategy Implementation Institute (the Institute) provides the training, certification and resources to people looking to acquire the knowledge and skills to be implementation professional.

Organizations are crafting strategy more frequently than at any other time in history.

This places a great demand on the ability to implement that strategy. Part of the challenge is that the current generation of leaders have been taught how to plan but not how to implement—at a time when implementation skills are highly required.

The high failure rate demonstrates this missing skills gap among leaders. It also drives the need for leaders to enhance their abilities and become recognized implementation professional.

The Institute supports the implementation of an organization’s strategy by providing the skills, roadmap and tools that are so often missing.

Poor implementation slows down both innovation and excellence in business, but it does not need to. Speed has become more essential than size in today’s business environment. To accelerate your strategy implementation the Institute ensures leaders learn from past failures and adopts best practices. Through the Institute, you embrace the highest standards of performance and are guided by the Strategy Implementation Road Map (SIR).

Toward this mission, the Institute supports and develops:

  • Middle managers looking to enhance their implementation skills
  • Leaders responsible for implementing strategy and improving the business performance
  • Project managers looking to complement their capabilities with strategy implementation skills
  • Individuals looking to improve themselves to create new opportunities

As a member of the Institute you benefit from having:

  • The ability to become a Strategy Implementation Professional.
  • An opportunity to be certified as a Professional and then Fellow.
  • Participate in monthly virtual meetings with implementation professionals from around the world, facilitated by the co-founders.
  • A platform to develop thinking and share ideas.
  • An option of being mentored.
  • Participate in organized events at the Institute.
  • Access knowledge and updates in the field.
  • Contribute to the constant evolvement of the strategy implementation body of knowledge
  • Special member discounts for the Institute’s international conference.

“Implementation is transformation from the core.
Change management is transformation around the core.”

– Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez & Robin Speculand