Free Resources – Value Packs

SII is committed to providing companies and leaders with the support and guidance to implement strategy.

Our free resource Value Packs are designed to highlight some of the key challenges in implementation and provide solutions. The solutions are all extracted from the online Strategy Implementation Professional course that we offer.

Why It Is Critical To Allocate Implementation Resources

Set your people up for success by providing them the right support at the right time.

How to Avoid Organizations Habitually Repeating Past Mistakes

Discover how to learn from past failures to create future successes.

How To Use a Stakeholder Analysis Matrix

Discover how to identify the right people to communicate to in your implementation.

How You Can Achieve Less By Doing More in Business

Ensure you are focusing on the most important implementation actions.

Why Leadership Engagement is a Discipline

Understand how to become a leader who has embedded implementation discipline.

How to Align Culture & Implementation

Understand how culture drives the way an organization implements its strategy.

Adopt a Teaser Campaign to Engage Employees

Discover how to pre-launch the new strategy so as to engage employees.

How to Build Employee Accountability

Implementation is dependent upon employees taking the right actions and they need to be held accountable.