Online Course and Certification by APMG

In an increasingly complex and rapidly transforming world in which implementation capabilities are desperately required by organizations, the online certifications course ensures you’re qualified to meet the demands. The Strategy Implementation Professional and Fellowship titles are globally recognized as the highest standard in strategy implementation certification.

Developed by strategy implementation experts, the Institute’s online certification course is based on rigorous standards and ongoing research to meet real-world needs of organizations. With the Strategy Implementation Institute certification behind your title, you’ll have a skillset deeply appreciated by many organizations and a recognized qualification that will increase your career progression opportunities.

The Strategy Implementation Institute is working in association with APMG International, one of the largest professional accreditation organizations, to increase competencies and recognition of implementation professionals. We have jointly developed the Strategy Implementation Professional – SIP – certification, the first global credential of it’s kind. 

The Institute provides two categories of certification, recognized worldwide as the standard of knowledge and ability in strategy implementation. These are:

  1. Strategy Implementation Professional in partnership with APMG
  2. Fellowship

Both categories of certification validate your competencies to perform in the role of strategy implementation. They enable you to:

  • Acquire a globally recognized certification

  • Understand the challenges of implementation

  • Adopt a roadmap to guide an organization through the implementation journey

  • Develop the skills and tools to be an implementation specialist

  • Receive the electronic copy of the Strategy Implementation Body of Knowledge (SIBoK)

  • Become a contributor to the living Strategy Implementation Body of Knowledge (SIBoK)

  • Understand how to lead and direct a strategy team

  • Avoid the common pitfalls that cause more implementations to fail than succeed

  • Identify what will work (and won’t work) for your organization

  • Be recognized by your peers

  • Join the community of implementation specialists

  • Participate in unique events

  • Add Strategy Implementation Professional (SIP) after your name

1. Strategy Implementation Professional in partnership with APMG

This involves understanding what it takes to become a strategy implementation specialist.

The seven course modules with +30hrs of content is open to everyone. You have the option to learn from the course without any obligation to take the course certification. You can choose which modules you would like to take at your own pace and in which order. The material is open to you for up to 12 weeks. Anytime within the 12 weeks, you can also apply to be certified to become a Professional Member of the Strategy Implementation Institute by taking the online course exam.

Upon successful completion of the certification, you can add the recognition after your name, Strategy Implementation Professional (SIP). After becoming a Professional Member for two years, you can then apply to become a Fellow of the Strategy Implementation Institute.

Download the Strategy Implementation Professional Learning Topics

2. Fellowship

This is for leaders who wish to obtain the highest recognition of the Institute. The Fellowship involves demonstrating the ability to implement at the highest level and requires sponsorship by your CEO, a personal interview and an online course and exam. The Fellowship is only open to those who have a minimum of two years as a Professional Member of the Institute.

To apply to become a Fellow of the Strategy Implementation Institute please contact us at for more information.


One of the most cited business quotes is ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ but it isn’t as simple as that. Strategy defines the company’s goals for people to focus on. Culture is based on values and beliefs, often unspoken, and guides activity through shared assumptions and behaviour. In my view they have to coexist.

We are in the middle of a massive disruption in the way we do business and many organisations have already achieved change at a speed and to a scale they couldn’t have imagined as recently as 3 months ago. Many more will need to follow suit. Old strategies will be shredded and new ones created very rapidly.

After the storm has passed, there will be a need for competent professionals to help organisations execute their new strategies in an agile and unrelenting manner. An organisation will have to efficiently execute that strategy.  This course provides practical advice on bringing a strategy to life so your organisation  can  achieve its goals. While you have time, gaining a certification in Strategy Implementation will both prepare you to step up to this challenge for your organisation and also set you apart from others.  As T. Boone Pickens said “A plan without action isn’t a plan, it’s a speech.” Speeches won’t cut it in the future, trained and certified people will.” 

Richard Pharro, CEO, APMG International

“If you are responsible for strategy implementation at your company or working as a consultant in strategy implementation, the strategy Implementation Institute is a must for you. The material that Robin Speculand and Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez have put together makes up a cohesive platform for strategy implementation specialists to expand and deepen their knowledge. The material is set up in 7 different modules each with four stages that make the material easily accessible at your own preference. The material offered is also the necessary base to be able to receive the accreditation as a Strategy Implementation Professional. Having completed my accreditation I am now a certified Strategy Implementation Professional, something that will benefit me greatly as a consultant in strategy implementation.” 

Gudrun Ragnarsdottir, Strategy Implementation Professional, partner and consultant at Strategía in Iceland

“I have been practicing strategy implementation for a few years now. For the first time, I have found in the SIP certification a holistic body of knowledge that brings it all together and allows me to leverage my strategy, performance mgmt and project mgmt experience under one same umbrella. It is exciting to see how a distinct, new professional role – the Strategy Implementation Professional – is being created and acknowledged. I believe that companies across all industries and sectors will benefit from having professionals certified in this critical area and hence be able to execute their strategies more successfully.”

Marcello Carmignani, Visiting Researcher Webster University, Director Change Management & Programs, Europe Western Union

“The Strategy Implementation Institute’s professional certification program gave me additional insights and a recommended structure needed to take strategy implementation initiatives to the next level. The Institute’s program provides strong guidance, smart actions, discipline and the unification of courses of actions needed to set the foundation for strategy implementation successes.” 

Joe DeCarlo, Vice President, Balanced Scorecard Institute, a Strategy Management Group, Inc. Company - USA

I have seen both in my own experience as well as in conversations with other companies that the disconnect between strategy and implementation and the various teams involved is a huge barrier to full success.  This course and certification directly address that need by bridging strategic business decisions and the execution of initiatives to make sure all players are speaking the same language, thinking of the same strategic issues, and knowing how to get initiatives executed.

Jason Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer, Project Management Academy®

Online Course Support

Unlimited Email Support

To support you on your learning journey, you have unlimited email support to answer questions that arise during your course online training.

Conference Call Sessions

Also to support you on your learning journey, every eight weeks the Institute hosts a live conference call session.

These sessions are designed to answer your questions about the course content, enable your learning and prepare you for the certification exam. During each session, you have the opportunity to ask questions, clarify learning and challenge thinking. They are highly interactive, enjoyable and fully optional.

Application Process

Before applying to be a Strategy Implementation Professional or a Fellow, you must be a Member of the Institute. The Membership to the Institute is US$90 per year (normal $120) and entitles you to join the community of implementation professionals, adopt SIR, share experiences and join online meetings and special events.

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Eligibility Criteria for Strategy Implementation Professional in partnership with APMG

This is open to everyone who wishes to obtain the knowledge, skills and ability to become a strategy implementation professional. The seven-course modules take +30hrs of content to complete and is open for 12 weeks.

There are seven modules that can be taken in any order. Upon completion of the course material, you then have the option to be certified as a Strategy ImplementationProfessional (SIP). The certification is conducted by APMG and is 70 multiple choice questions over one hour.

Eligibility Criteria for Fellowship

This is open to you after you have been a Professional Member of the Institute for a minimum of two years. It requires support from your CEO or Chairman and an initial personal interview. The course is 12 weeks in length and also requires an exam. Please contact us at for more information.

Individual Application

Corporate Licence Application

  • Group discount
  • Institute membership for one year
  • Strategy Implementation Professional (SIP) online course
  • Online certification by APMG

To register more than one person from the same organization and take advantage of the discounted online course licences, please email with:

  • Company Name
  • Number of online course licences being applied for
  • Name of contact/administrator at the company
  • Email of contact/administrator at the company
  • Phone number of contact/administrator at the company (in International format)

After receiving corporate licence application we will liaise with the selected contact/administrator to register each individual licence.

Your Investment


120 90USD/ year
  • Renewable every year
  • Join the community of implementation specialists
  • Participate in unique events
  • Share experiences and network with other implementation specialists around the world


550 450USD
  • First-year membership free
  • Seven-course modules
  • Develop the skills and tools to be an implementation specialist
  • Avoid the common pitfalls that cause more digital/ implementations to fail than succeed


370 300USD*
  • First-year membership free
  • Become a certified implementation professional
  • Develop your career & Be recognized by your peers
  • Obtain your Strategy Implementation Professional SIP certification by APMG

Course + Exam

920 700USD*
  • Buy the online course and certification at once, including one-year membership free and complimentary access to the Implementation HUB. Your welcome pack will include a voucher that allows you to book the SIP exam with APMG at your convenience within the next six months.
  • All features of Strategy Implementation Membership, Online Course and Certification